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Leonora Ross

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Author of contemporary fiction, hiker of mountains, lover of trees and all things wild.


I will plant my words. They will be like seeds in the soil beneath the trees, and they will grow and spread out like the branches themselves; giving comfort and delight. - L.R.


My new novel, The Suncatchers, is available on Apple BooksAmazon, Barnes & Noble and Indigo 

Editorial Review:

"A love story to pine for

There are few things more romantic than meeting the love of your life by chance.

Luka was just trying to buy ingredients for a dinner she wanted to prepare for her father when Espen approaches her. This random romantic interaction is the starting point of a fabulous book called The Suncatchers by Leonora Ross...

Fair warning: it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with The Suncatchers main character Luka. She is, in many ways, the ultimate female lead. She’s mysterious, extremely educated, effortlessly beautiful, kind, a devoted girlfriend, daughter, and friend...

But what makes her such a well-rounded character is her ability to stand up for herself in nearly every situation...She demands respect, maintains her devotion to her parents and her career, and refuses to settle no matter the cost...It’s a joy to read such an excellent female lead...

...I loved reading The Suncatchers and would recommend it to those who love smart female leads and a good love story."

-Independent Book Review-

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