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A Little About Me


I am an artist and fiction writer, and live in Western Canada where big skies and expansive mountain ranges dominate the scene. It is a truly beautiful part of the world and I feel grateful every day to experience it.

I haven't always lived here, though. I was born and raised in Africa and my academic training was in law. But we never really stop learning. Even though it may take some time, the journeys we embark on in life, eventually bring us full circle back to ourselves and who we are meant to be. We just need to tune in to our souls and stay connected. 

Mother Nature is my muse and obsession. When I'm out hiking on steep mountain trails and wandering through forests, my imagination runs wild. This is when ideas flood my mind, and I am most inspired to paint and write.

I often write about my trips on foot, which I share with close friends, and it was on the insistence of a very dear, longtime friend, that I've started taking my writing more seriously.

And what a mind-stretching adventure it has been so far! I am staying wide-open to learn more.

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